Tips For Making Your Flowers Last Longer

If you have a garden, you might be tempted to give some of the flowers that you have grown as a gift. This is a great idea that many people appreciate, however, you might notice that your flowers do not last as long as those from a professional florist. Here are some tips for caring for your flowers and preparing them so that they last as long as possible when you give them as a gift.

1. Cut the Stems

Your first step is to cut the stems about an inch up from the bottom. This is important because a freshly cut stem is better able to absorb the water and nutrients that you set it in, allowing your flowers to become healthier. Cutting the stems is a short task that can result in longer-lived flowers. Make sure that you get your flowers in water as soon as possible after cutting them.

2. Use Warm Water to Help Buds Open

If you have buds on your flowers that have not yet opened, you can use lukewarm water, as opposed to cold water, to help encourage them to open. Set the flowers with unopened buds in warm water a few days before you'd like to give them as a gift in order to be certain that all of the buds will be open.

3. Use Nutrient Powder

When you buy flowers from a florist, they will have had the flowers sitting in water that contains nutrient powder in order to ensure that the flowers will last as long as possible. The florist will also likely give you nutrient powder to continue this care for the flowers. Copy what the professional florists do and make sure that you have your plants sitting in nutrient powder as soon as you cut them in order to make sure that they remain healthy for an extended period of time.

4. Use Foam for Gift Baskets

If you need to make a gift basket to give to someone and want to fill it with flowers, use foam to keep your plants hydrated but in a position that is aesthetically pleasing. Take a ball of foam and soak it in warm water that has nutrient powder dissolved into it. Soak the foam until it is entire saturated with water. Place a towel at the bottom of the gift basket. Then, place the foam on top of the towel. Before the foam dries, start pushing the stems into place in the foam. This will help keep them from moving around but will also ensure that they have access to water.

For more information, talk to your local florist like From The Heart Flower Boutique. He or she will be able to provide you with a last minute gift in case your own flowers don't make it.