Do It Yourself Vase Decorating Ideas

One of the best things about getting people flowers is that it allows you to show how much your care about them. However, you might feel that it's impersonal to just buy your significant other flowers from a regular flower store instead of getting the bouquets yourself. Since most people don't have access to the flowers that they need or have any particular flower arranging skill, then customizing the vase might be one of the best options for personalizing your generous gift. Here are some ideas for personalizing vases and florist-arranged bouquets to make your gift truly special.

1. Decoupage the Vase With Sheet Music

One way to make a regular vase special is to add something that your significant other cares about. If you significant other plays an instrument or simply loves music, one easy thing that you could do is to cover a vase with sheet music. You can purchase cheap sheet music from any used bookstore, or just download it from online and print it out on white paper. Once you have the sheet music, cut it into strips with one bar of music in each strip.

Then, take glue and put it into a small cup. Mix it so that it is one part glue and three parts water. Dip a paintbrush into the glue and paint some glue onto the back of one of the scraps of sheet music. Put it onto the vase. Continue doing this until the entire vase is covered with bars of music. Some of the pieces of paper should overlap.

After the vase is covered and somewhat dry, use the remainder of the glue and water mixture to paint a thin coat over all of the paper. This will make the vase shine and provide a protective layer for the sheet music. Then, buy a bouquet of flowers from the florist and your gift is ready to go.

2. Use Old Rain Boots

Go to a thrift shop and see if they have any rain boots for sale. If the boots are ugly, go to a craft store and pick up some paint in a color that you like. Either paint the boots so that they are to your aesthetic satisfaction, or simply purchase a bouquet of flowers and put them in the boots. Daisies are an excellent choice for this project.

3. Use Bracelets and Ribbon

If you have a thin vase, consider wrapping ribbon around the vase to spruce it up. All you have to do is glue one end to vase and then wrap the ribbon tightly so that it stays on the vase. Glue the other end of the ribbon. To embellish the vase, put elastic, beaded bracelets on the stem.

For more ideas, talk to a florist like Ciano Florist.